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The trend analysis of low voltage electrical appliances industry development in our country
At the end of August, 2010, by the Shanghai electric appliance science research institute and people etc, eight companies jointly developed the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical products through expert appraisal, the low pressure electric appliance product research and development in our country which implements across from imitation to independent innovation design.The fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products in addition to inherit the characteristics of the third generation product, also deepen the characteristics of the intelligent, moreover also has high performance, multi-function, miniaturization, high reliability, green environmental protection, energy saving and material saving and other significant characteristics.

1990 ~ 1990, our country developed intelligent manufacture the third generation of products, its excellent performance, reliable operation, small volume, electronic, intelligence, modularization, modular and multi-functional characteristics, the overall technical performance at or near abroad in the late 1980 s and early 90 s level.The third generation product compared with the second generation product, there are three prominent features: high performance, miniaturization and intelligent.

1978 ~ 1978, our country upgrading and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, made the second generation product.Product technical index increased significantly, better protection features, product shrinkage, the structure to adapt to the complete sets of equipment requirements, become our country after a long period of time the pillar of low-voltage electrical products.

In the 1960 s to 70 s, is the formation stage of low voltage electrical appliances industry in China.Design of our country on the basis of the imitation of the Soviet union, developed the first generation of unified design of low-voltage electrical products.The first generation of low voltage apparatus product structure size is big, material consumption, performance is not ideal, variety specification is not complete.

After 1978, the development of low voltage electrical industry ushered in the spring.30 years, China's low-voltage electrical industry gradually formed its own products and standard, constantly growing, now has more than 2000 production enterprises, the annual output value reached more than 360 one hundred million yuan.

There will be a major change in product structure

A period in the future, China's low-voltage electrical industry is the development direction of further development to intelligence, communication, low-voltage distribution and control system gradually to intelligent network development.

Accelerate the development of the fourth generation of low voltage apparatus research and development and promotion, will be a focus in the industry for a time.Since 2010 the fourth generation of low voltage apparatus will gradually put on the market in our country, the industry overall level has been onto a new stage.According to the market demand will also to secondary development, the part of the third generation of products to improve the cost performance, and to achieve product differentiation, improve product market competition.

Be worth what carry is, should draw lessons from foreign advanced experience, develop new products of foreign famous companies in the development of new products, the high performance and economy of both, to meet the needs of different market level.On this basis, a new generation of products in our country should be in the third generation of derived products or developing the fourth generation of products to develop economical products at the same time.

Competition accelerated speed

The fourth generation of low voltage apparatus in the high-end market has a very broad prospects.New products will lead and lead low voltage electrical appliances industry the application and development of new technology and products, will also accelerate the upgrading of low-voltage electrical products industry.

In fact, low-voltage electrical appliances at home and abroad has been very competitive market.In China in the late 1990 s, just finished the third generation of low voltage apparatus product development and promotion, schneider, Siemens, ABB, mitsubishi, Fuji, moeller, GE, such as low-voltage electrical appliances mainly manufacturers abroad launched the fourth generation product.In the comprehensive technical and economic index of products, product structure and material selection, and the application of new technology has the new breakthrough, etc.

Fourth generation product has been launched, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in low voltage electrical appliances market, domestic enterprises to accelerate the development of new products, will also have to find their own position, otherwise, will face the risk elimination.

In the future, low voltage electrical products must have their own theme.As has been positioning in high-end products good letter electric appliance in recent years has been committed to the development of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, to prepare for the future smart grid construction.In regard to the development of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, we adopt the intelligent electronic design technology, the miniature circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker and frame the intelligent circuit breaker has also made a lot of development work.

The fourth generation of low voltage apparatus is a high technology content.Not a simple copy to.These technologies have a lot of intellectual property rights, doomed to the manufacturers can't repeat the past simple imitation of others.