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Guangzhou city pledges inspect bureau released 2014 electric fan products quality supervision and spot check result
China quality news network news 18, learned from the guangzhou bureau of quality and technical supervision, the bureau recently for this city product quality supervision and spot check production electric fans, selectived examination 3 4 batch product of the production enterprises, has passed the inspection 1 companies 2 batches of product quality does not accord with a standard to ask.

The supervision and spot check according to GB 4343.1 the emc household appliances electric tools and similar apparatus Part 1: emission, GB 4706.1 "" household and similar electrical safety in the first part: general requirements", GB 4706.27 "household and similar use the special requirements of the safety of the electric fan, such as standard, the fever, in the working temperature of leakage current and dielectric strength, moisture resistance, leakage current and dielectric strength, unsocial, stability and dangerous machinery, mechanical strength, structure, internal wiring, power supply and outer cord, external test wire with terminal blocks, etc.

Spot checks found that nominal guangzhou hongxing ventilation equipment co., LTD. Producing a batch of red star brand ceiling type electric fan (shape specifications FD - 40 production date/batch number 2013-02-28) and a batch of red star brand fan (shape specifications APB20-4-2 production date/batch number 2013-11), external wire with terminal project is unqualified, the rectification situation for "improvement" in the review.

It is understood that the external terminals of the wire is mainly used for inner and outer conductor connection, is also to ensure the equipment in normal work can always keep a good electrical connection and mechanical connection of the important measures.Wire connection is not accurate, easy to cause the user to change the outer conductor, wrong wiring, resulting in a safety hazard.