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The international standard IEC electric fans seminar was held in guangzhou
International standard IEC electric fans (IEC60335-2-80) TC61 WG29 group international conference held in guangzhou in December 2012.From Japan, Malaysia, and other countries of the IEC national commission representatives attended the seminar.The national home appliances standardization technical committee secretary general Ma Dejun preside over the meeting.
Dominated by guangdong midea environment appliances revision of the international standard IEC electric fans (IEC60335-2-80) TC61 WG29 proposal, suspension system are analyzed from the structure and material of security guarantees the realization way of standard revision clause is given, and successfully achieve goals for the meeting provides a powerful technical support.
IEC (international electrotechnical commission), founded in 1906, has been 100 years of history, is the world's earliest international electrotechnical standardization bodies.TC61 "household and similar use security" is the technical committee.IEC TC61 / WG29 work founded in 2011, the main task is to revise IEC60335-2-80 - Household and similar electrical appliances Safety Part 2 Particular requirements for fans, to solve the problem of the strength and durability test the ceiling fans.Since its establishment has 12 experts from eight countries joined the working group.Guangdong midea environment appliances manufacturing co., LTD., as the national electric fan team leader unit, and undertook the WG29 international fan unit of team leader.The participation in international standard revision work shows that not only environmental appliances and degree of understanding of the IEC standards and national representative of professional knowledge is quite level, and shows the team's technical strength of beauty.