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Common faults of electric fans too maintenance skills
The cause of the problem
1, poor maintenance, lack of lubricating oil for a long time.Fan shaft section is to ensure that lubricating oil, otherwise the blades in the above motivation can't drag.If it is in the home, can choose to turn the power off, then on the blades, if rotation stiffness, is basically no lubricating oil.
2, use for a long time caused by the wear and tear.If a fan is used long, motor will loss, it is easy to burn after motor bushing wear.
3, overheating caused by fan does not turn.In fan device is a motor, the motor will have an overheating circuit breaker, if the place of the coil winding short circuit, can let the calorific value in a short period of time, such cases will be "strike" machine does not move.
4, start smaller capacitance.When the fan is used long, capacitance decreases, lead to smaller torque motor start, unable to drive the load.
5, electrical failure problems, such as circuit damage, etc.
Electric fan is not maintenance
1, most of the time the cause of the fan blades did not turn, are the problems of maintenance is poorer.If power off after moving blades rotating stiffness with the hand, you should use some lubricant drip into the rotation, let it be and smooth, does not affect motivation drag blades.
2, in view of the wear and tear caused by the blades do not rotate, the simplest or replacement parts, especially the shaft sleeve, if easy to burn after the wear and tear.
3, if you don't turn smaller capacitance causes fan, can remove the capacitance, in a new capacitance of the same model, we suggest 20% larger than the original capacitance, can have a better rotation effect.
4, a shaft axial clearance is too big, can choose to remove the motor after adjusting shim.But remember installed in the motor home, must pay attention to the rotor and bearing concentric, lubrication with screw diagonal slowly twist, the final use wood to knock on the rotating shaft, make sure it work.
5, if because of electrical failure, can check the connection of the railroads, sometimes wire damage, etc., can repair problem.