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Low-end fans had hidden dangers High-end air conditioning on
Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued 2012 electric fan quality country selectives examination results.Results show that the spot check of 70 kinds of products, there are 13 product does not conform to the prescribed standards, fraction defective is as high as 18.6%.
Electric fan, this past summer cool home appliances, now reduced to two thankless, low-end electric fan quality hidden trouble, high-end electric fans share eroded by air conditioning.The former king, is a way to die to repeat a black-and-white TV or a different approach to survive?
Small home appliance to exposure quality hidden trouble
It is understood that the spot check involves five provinces such as zhejiang, guangdong, chongqing, and municipalities directly under the central government, 70 companies 70 kinds of fan products, including midea, gree brand, etc.Spot check project includes touch live parts of protection, leakage current and dielectric strength, volume, the allowable value of energy efficiency, noise and other 21 project.
Spot check according to the results, including the, morning plans to drill and other 13 kinds of products do not comply with the provisions of the standard, unqualified project involving air volume, to touch the live parts of risk protection, stability, and mechanical, noise, etc.More than half of the electric fan has the phenomenon of insufficient air volume.
Analysts said Liang Zhenpeng analysis, home appliance, electric fan low-end product itself thin profits, plus the price war between businesses, in order to survive, many companies cut corners and simplify the process, which will result in the product quality problems.
Concerned expert thinks, a lot of fans and home appliance products by checking out existence quality hidden trouble, it also exposed the problems existing in the long-term, small home appliance industry in quality control, compared with the overall quality level of the electric products, small home appliance product quality there is a big gap.
Encroach on high-end market by air conditioning
"I don't understand why there are so many of the one thousand yuan electric fan, now buy a air conditioning only just over 1000 yuan, who will go to buy this kind of thing."Mr Li said consumers.
Like the idea of Mr. Li the consumer is not in the minority.Aimed at consumers in high-end electric fan is not the case, the reporter recently visited a well-known domestic home appliance chain stores.Found that almost no one fan sales area, occasionally after one or two people inquired about the price, also goes to the air conditioning area.This sales staff told reporters that fan now poor sales, especially high electric fan, sometimes can not sell out a two in a day and are attracted to air conditioning in the past.
Falling prices in recent years, along with air conditioning, consumers can adjust indoor temperature of the air conditioning, more and more towards the high-end electric fan market declines.In fact, the monopoly of air conditioning has replaced the electric fan, is worthy of the name summer cool home appliances.In addition, with the development of air-conditioning fans, humidification, cooling, air purification air, low power, has obvious advantage, quickly occupied a certain market share, make high-end electric fan.
According to the third party institutions ZDC survey data show that in 2011 China's 1000 yuan of above electric fan interest is only 1.9%.In addition, now electric fan in the main user groups for students and rural users.But this group is generally pay attention to economical and practical type, usually won't buy expensive electric fan.
Air-conditioning fans or into a lifeline
Some experts said, household electrical appliances necessary air conditioning is already present.Compared with the electric fan, the gap will be bigger and bigger, technically, the electric fan can only make some circuit board control, mainly in the hair drier, noise, energy saving, etc to make some improvements.And the air conditioning is also broad space, in energy conservation and emissions reduction, intelligent air purification and so there is still a long way to go.In this case, the traditional electric fans can only to low-end strives for the survival, convenient, cabinet, etc.
On the one hand is the low-end product quality hidden trouble, on the one hand is the high-end product price is too high, difficult to resist eating of air conditioning.Electric industry is the future?
"Air-conditioning fans would be a development way of the future electric fans."Liang Zhenpeng told reporters that the practice of price war, compression cost cutting corners is bound to be eliminated by the market.Electric fan enterprise must from the aspects of process quality, mute, save electricity more effort, this is the enterprise survival for a long time.In addition, the electric fan enterprises should actively explore air-conditioning fans, air-conditioning fans market share as soon as possible.