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Product Name:THA-10J Date:2015/4/20 19:55:05

Product Description


Load QtyHQ):1100 PCS

Carton Size1400*430*110mm


1. Compact design,unique structure;  

2 .Over-heat safety protection;

3. IP Rate:IPX4;

4.Power cord length:0.5M.without plug; 

5.Heating material: flat shape aluminum heating element;       

6.Wall mounted over 1.8 meter hanging height and have wide radiant warm flow;                                                  7. Applicable for indoor and outdoor;


9 Advantage: Comfortable, good for health, No smell, No light, No noise, No transformation;  

                      The product like the sun warms the earth

                       Quickly change electric power to warm energy

                      To Warm the home everywhere


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